Front Door Policy

Imperial Apartments Condominium Association, Inc. Exterior Door Policy

Effective August 16, 2006



It is the intention of the Association to achieve a uniform and aesthetically appealing community.  Therefore, by resolution of the Board of Directors, the following exterior door types are the only doors permitted in the community. 


In accordance with Article 5.7 Unit Boundaries, the Declaration specifically states that the unit owner is responsible for all doors. Be they glass or otherwise, which are in the perimeter wall of a unit will be deemed a part of the unit up to the exterior finished unit.


Therefore, any unit owner who wishes to change their door or requested to change their door by the Association due to deterioration of said door must replace the door with the following style, type and color:


The door material may be wood for an exterior application, fiberglass or steel.  The color of the doors must be white.  Owners who live in building 1 may use the solid panel raised panel with or without the half moon upper window.  All units in buildings 2, 3, 4, and 5 MUST use the raised panel white doors with the half moon upper window. The half moon window must be clear glass.


By Resolution of the Board of Directors

August 16,2006